A  Methodist community was started in Coushatta in 1824. As Red River Parish grew the First Methodist Church was established in 1880 and led from 1880-1883 by Rev. J. B. Cassity. First Methodist Coushatta, besides constructing a physical church building, built a paronage and an Academy to educate the people. About 40 years later, the town shifted towards the new railroad because of a great fire and eroding river bank, and so did First Methodist as they relocated to its present location (2020 Front Street). On that site, new sanctuary was built in 1924 which contained a sanctuary on the second floor and classrooms on the lower floor. In 1952, a new fellowship hall was built known as “Bobbitt Hall.” Under the pastorates of Rev. Roy Garrett and Rev. Douglas Williams, a new sanctuary and office building was constructed in 1963. It housed the worship servies, weddings, funerals, and celebrations of the church for almost the next 50 years. In the summer of 2012, the church completely moved into McLemore Hall, a renovated former store named after James M. McLemore in 1996. A new sanctuary, offices, and classrooms have been constructed for the needs of the church community and serving the people of Coushatta. First UMC Coushatta exists to make disciples of Jesus Chirst by sharing God’s love and serving the community…now for over 130 years!


We see ourselves as a congregation designed for a new day with intentional outreach to (but not limited to) younger emerging generations. We also see ourselves as a believer-oriented, seeker-sensitive church. Our goal is to help those who are lost and least, and we’re not just talking about them, we’re taking concrete steps to reach them.


We suspect you will see us as a small to medium-sized growing church, but the growth we’re most interested in is spiritual growth so numbers have little bearing. Our Small Groups are designed to help us all learn to Gather, Grow and Go. Our belief is that growing closer to God is a systematic process, one of learning, one of caring, then one of leaving to help others. We believe how you see us is important, so please let us know how the website, the church, our ministry is going.

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Billy Turner


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